Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why Cloud Computing – Strategic Investment Management

From a general perspective, a simplex comparative analysis of cloud computing vis-à-vis any democratic system facilitates development of a sound analogy therein. Akin to any democratic system, cloud computing facilitates minimization or elimination disparity and thus susceptibility to biased treatment thereby endorsing equality and level playing field in the market domain. This level playing field provides solution to host of issues in connection with businesses based on conventional computing paradigms.

Hitherto, despite the maturity of the Internet computing technology domain, over the last two decades, followed by a close to saturation status, nowadays, apparently certain fundamental and core issues that impact promotion and / or growth of businesses or entities at any and all scales or levels, still remain to be addressed.

Today in any market domain, certain crucial factors that prove to be one of many deep-seated deciding factors for successes of businesses and models therefor are availability and abundance of input resources, such as capital, manpower, assets or properties, such as real, physical and intellectual. Obviously, all of these demand sizable Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) right at the onset of any business, which may be a at least one of brick-and-mortar (or traditional) or click-and-mortar (or online or hybrid). In such scenarios, the only solution is inviting or seeking attention of investors, promoters, brokers or mediators or trolls, lenders and evangelists. However, the solution is much more than merely inviting or seeking these but to make them invest into businesses.

Here the focus is bound to shift to study of the common mindset of the investors. What investors look at generally is minimal capital investment with maximal Return-on-Investment (ROI). The answer is a paradigm shift to cloud computing. Cloud computing offers assortment of benefits, both for investees and investors, including, but not limited to, provision of computing resources on Anytime, Anywhere and Anything like approach, high economic, technical and operational feasibility, reduced CAPEX, OPEX and other initial investments, optimal deployment of input resources, such as capital, time and manpower and massive cost reduction from the standpoint of initial CAPEX towards procurement or acquisition of basic physical and real assets or property. Eventually, the area of focus of investors is contracted to merely detection, identification, selection and endorsement of potential investee candidature based on investee’s intangible and non-perishable Intellectual Property or assets. For more information on the aforementioned topic of discussion and further insights from the standpoint of cloud computing investment please study an upcoming report captioned – “Cloud Computing – An Analyst Report” by ResearchArya.

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