Thursday, January 31, 2013

ResearchArya your Sales Partner for B2B Software, Mobile Apps, Electronics & More

ResearchArya adds a new Business vertical dealing with Product Sales, Lead Generation and Conversion for technology firms especially in B2B Software, Mobile Apps & Electronics. ReseachArya has developed, tested and proved a novel approach highly effective in generating quality potential leads and achieving high lead conversion rates compared to conventional Sales and Marketing techniques hence significantly cutting down your firm's sales and marketing expenditure.

At ResearchArya we develop strategic potential lead database  via study and analysis of live data fed from multiple patent databases, market databases etc. for B2B Products/Solutions applying several decades of Intellectual Property (IP), Market and Technology Research expertise as tools. Our selling capabilities are further backed by our ability to dissect and understand any technology domain(s)/sub-domain(s) .We also offer end-to-end support to convert them strategically. 

Recently we got involved in developing market for a novel non-invasive, non-medical cell-phone based/enabled imaging, analysis and recommendation system in the digital/wireless/mobile health domain in India and South Asia. We have successful in generating a strategic potential lead database and also assisted a US-based bio-medical engineering firm in converting 2 of the leads into relationship.

Associating firms sign-up a simple low-cost engagement plan with us for a minimum of 6 months duration where in we charge a nominal association fee + contingency fee as a % of revenues from successful leads.

We already have active engagements with several firms across the globe. please drop in an e-mail at for more details