Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Your Response to Our Request for Information (RFI) based on IP Questionnaire helps Your IP Health Check-up

ResearchArya (RA) may request you to complete a short Intellectual Property (or Assets) questionnaire in connection with your organization, subsequent to your consent, and prior to attending RA's upcoming webinar captioned "Intellectual Property Asset Management Strategies for Start-ups and SMEs"

Upon successful completion of the questionnaire, you will be entitled to receive and avail a free 2-4 hours of IP Consulting and a free brief Report based on our Lean IP Development Life Cycle (Lean IPDLC™ - Patent Pending/Applied For/Pending Registration) outlining your organization’s state of IP HEALTH™, which will facilitate in detection, identification and selection of one or more open or addressable R&D, IP and related issues that may or may not demand actions in order to extract enhanced value from your existing Intellectual Assets.

To know more we request you to email us at or

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